Northern Chamber of Commerce (NCC) (POLAND)

in Szczecin is the largest chamber of commerce in Poland. The principle task of NCC is to provide services to member companies, including training and education the organization of cooperation visits and the facilitation of networking opportunities, financial assistance and interest representation and lobbying; it is therefore well attuned to their training and development needs.

University of Szeged (HUNGARY)

offers a broad range of educational opportunities to home and foreign students. Entrepreneurial education is a part of their portfolio – several spin-offs and a vivid start-up ecosystem proves the success of their efforts. Located in southern Hungary, the University of Szeged is a leading centre for education, science, research, innovation and it has a crucial role in the region’s cultural, social and economic activities.

Porin Regional Development Agency (CROATIA)

organizes seminars where start-up entrepreneurs can learn how to evolve their idea into a specific business venture, and existing entrepreneurs and business owners can learn how to improve their business activities and achieve growth and development.

Canice Consulting (UK)

has over 10 year experience in the development of innovative programmes and projects to encourage and facilitate innovation in SMEs and for VET and in particular the development of interactive, learner-led educational resources. Today the company operates from its headquarters in Lisburn with specialist knowledge in the fields of social inclusion, online and mobile learning, small business development, entrepreneurship education, collective impact and more.

Momentum Marketing Services (IRELAND)

is an Irish training organisation focused on developing progressive vocational education programmes and platforms to enable entrepreneurs, employees and young people entering the world of work to participate as fully as possible in the contemporary labour market. Much of their work concentrates on interpreting emerging digital platforms across VET systems and building awareness of the innovative approaches available through e-learning and mobile learning (m-learning).

Beter Ltd. (POLAND)

is a small company specialized on consulting, coaching, marketing and project management especially for business support organisations, SMEs, Start-ups and HEIs. Beter Ltd. develops market analysis, strategy plans, operational plans, expertise and assessments mainly in the scope of implementing innovations.